VibeRate™ - Vibrating Foam Roller

VibeRate™ - Vibrating Foam Roller

VibeRate™ - Vibrating Foam Roller

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The VibeRate is a high-intensity vibrating fitness foam roller that allows you to warm up and recover faster than any other roller. The powerful core and German-engineered exterior roller provide unmatched power, performance, and durability for anyone looking to move better.

2.0 Specs and Features

  • Dual-zone surface (grooved or smooth) for a customized roll
  • Battle-tested for strength and durability 
  • Improves range of motion up to 40%* 
  • Engineered to deliver high-intensity vibration combined with myofascial release
  • All digital circuitry controls 3-speed settings
  • Eco-friendly, poly-propylene outer shell transfers maximum vibration
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge

Roller Benefits:

  • Helps increase range of motion and flexibility loosening and lengthening muscles by using our foam roller
  • Ideal for pre-game and pre-workout warm-up to increase circulation in the body
  • Great as a recovery aid to help reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for faster recovery
  • Effective for myofascial release and muscle therapy to release pain and restore motion
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